In his Foreword, Gary Player writes:
"...every once in a while it is nice to sit down with a novel about the sport I so love and just enjoy the read. I am happy to say that Frazer Grundy’s new book allows you to do just that."
" It is an enjoyable read that really captures the highs and lows of golf, business and life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did."

Speedy is seriously teed off. He was delighted to be playing in Lofty's company golf day - it gave him the ideal chance to get his own back on Derek Bingley, the man who'd stabbed him in the back some years earlier. The match had unfolded perfectly, and Speedy could almost taste revenge. But then Lofty lost his nerve, did the unforgivable and wrecked Speedy's plans in the process.
Lofty is adamant that his cunning scheme will pay dividends, but things go from bad to worse as it backfires spectacularly, ruining much more than just a golf match.

is Frazer Grundy's first novel - a fast-paced, humour-filled romp through the highs and lows of friendship, family and the wonderful game of golf, as Speedy and Lofty recruit a pair of unlikely characters to form the Ferkaryer Four, then make a desperate attempt to get even with their nemesis.

A percentage of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Player Foundation. To make a donation, or to find out more, click here to visit Gary Player’s official website.
Dale Hayes, one of SA’s leading golf broadcasters:
If you’ve been looking for a novel that encapsulates the excitement of golf in a light-hearted way, then look no further. “Geddin the Hole!” is that book!
Speedy Lofty Big G Dodgy

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